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    Welcome to Comacon Limited

    Tel: +254 20 2687970 / 722 675477


    Our Certifications and Memberships


    The company leadership aims to promote the interests of the organization along the principles of Lean Six Sigma that aims to promote excellence through defects prevention, faults reduction, variations minimization and avoidance of all types of wastage. Inorder to achieve this objective the company is fast working towards attaining ISO 29001 certification.This is an international standardization system that defines quality requirements for design,development,production,installation and service products for petroleum,petrochemical and natural gas industries. The company management has already kick-started the effort to attain this coveted certification by assembling basic policy documentation on Standard Operating Procdures[SOPs] in all key functional business aspects:staff matters, finance,production,procurement,safety & health,etc.A reputable local consulting organization will soon be commissioned the spearhead this important exercise.

    Follow the links for our certifications NCA_2018 KFMB__COMPLIANCE_2018


    In pursuit of its business undertakings,the company endeavours to fully invoke good industry commercial practices as enshrined in FIDIC stipulations that were formally put into use in 1999.FIDIC is an international standards organization for consulting ,engineering and construction that was founded in 1913 by the three wholly/partially francophone countries-Belgium,France and Belguim[its Head Quarter].Its an acronym for its French name “Federation Internationale Des Ingenieus Conseils”.We intent,where appropriate,to adopt sections of new FIDIC contractual documents guidelines [The Rainbow Suite] that were released for industry piloting mid last year.


    It is the intention of the company of the company to attain membership of local and international industry associations that are of relevance to its operations. The American Petroleum Institute[API] would be one of such bodies.Equally important is the Petroleum Institute of East Africa[PIEA].We are currently an active member of Kenya FederatioN of Master Builders[KFMB] and plan to join Roads And Civil Engineering Contractors Association[RACECA].Finally,plans are at advanced stage to join the Leasing Association of Kenya[LAK] with a view to boosting our equipment stock,especially where huge engineering projects are involved.